Saturday, June 01, 2013

DNA and Epigenetics

We all know that genes play a part in who we are.  However, there is still the nagging controversy about nature vs nurture.  Now there is more information about why we behave in certain ways - like why is my handwriting exactly like my mothers, or why do I  constantly jiggle my feet when I am nervous?  These traits are not the result of DNA.  I just read a great article in the May Discovery Magazine about Epigenetics 101.

It seems that our DNA has remora-like structures that do not harm or change the DNA  attach to the DNA during fetal development that passes down these traits from the parents.  Unlike DNA these structures can change over time or remain the same.  I will not go into everything in the article but I urge you to read Trait vs Fate on page 48-55 by Dan Hurley.  Lots of food for thought.