Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Privatizing Libraries

Our genealogy organization has been under the umbrella of the local library since 1989.  Things changed a bit in 2000 when our private library became part of the county system but we still had a space in the library and used our money to enhance the genealogy collection of books.  We have a room in which we have help sessions, classes and a computer users class for free to anyone who wants to learn or needs help with genealogical research.  The new wrinkle is that our County commissioners are considering privatizing the library. (They call it out-sourcing to make it sound less awful.)  If they do this, we are literally out the door.  As a non-profit we can't support a for profit company (LSSI) and we will lose the whole collection of books that we have donated to the library over the last 25 years.  We are trying very hard to convince our commissioners that the take-over company is not the answer to this temporary shortfall in revenue.  It's just one of those David vs Goliath situations at the moment.  Anyone have a good sling shot for sale?