Saturday, June 01, 2013

I finally received the results from 23&Me.  It takes time to get through all that information but it is fascinating.  I am also reading DNA and Social Networking by Debbie Kennett.  I need to keep abreast of all the technologies although I don't have the technical savvy of the younger generation.  I feel like I need to hire a 10 year old to help me navigate through creating blogs(although I managed to do this one), wikis, and all the newest media offerings. Genealogical research has come a long way on the computer.  I have used a PC since 1993 (remember Prodigy?) but have recently bought a Samsung Note android for toting about.  For me, this is not intuitive, I have to practice everything.  My cell phone is only a phone - and I only turn it on when I go out.  Yes, I still have a land line.  On the plus side, I am 79 and I am challenging my brain.