Friday, May 24, 2013

My Aruba


I am from turquoise sea its waves shadowed by drifting white clouds
prickly cactus and the soft smell of frangipani
sunsets so red behind the rising smoke of an oil refinery.

I am from iguanas crawling over dull gray coral or hiding in a sea grape tree
pelicans diving for shimmering fish in a lazy lagoon
burros and goats forever searching for a blade of grass.

I live in the caress of a warm wind that makes trees bow and carries the scent of paradise
I am rooted in soft white sand, sharp coral, lumps of lava rock
old pirate caves, Crystal Mountain and Hooiberg.

I am from a land of kaleidoscope people who speak many languages
who taught me to embrace our shared humanity.

I am Aruban.